Trust Me Dinner

This includes a seven-course meal created specifically for you by the Chef

Upon booking, please advise the Chef of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Alcohol not included.
Taxes & Gratuity extra.

Highland Country Club Dress Code


  • Hats must not be worn in the clubhouse at any time.
  • Footwear must be worn in the clubhouse.
  • Ripped denim of any colour is not permitted on Club property.
  • Sweat pants are not permitted on Club property.
  • Promotional and commercial logos/slogans or trademarks on clothing are permitted, if they are pocket sized insignia.

Dining Room

  • The Dining Room (top of the stairs) is considered a more formal area. Golf shorts are not permitted.
  • Business casual attire is appropriate for this room.
  • Denim articles of clothing are not permitted in the Dining Room at any time.

The dress code is strictly enforced.

Give our Clubhouse a call to discuss how we can help. 519-681-8223 Ext. 226 Food and Beverage Department – Rozalind Theriault.