Welcome to Highland Country Club Golf Course, challenging and fun for all levels with the best view of the city. Be sure to check out the golf course section to get the Golf Pro tips for each hole and the playing hours for your membership type.

Golf Course

Highland Country Club is a Stanley Thompson designed golf course that was opened in 1922. The characteristics of the original design, small well- bunkered greens that mostly slope back to front, have been maintained over the years with a few changes. In 2019, Highland completed a Bunker Restoration Project. Highland is not a long course, however accuracy off the tee is imperative to set up the best approach to our demanding green sites. Don’t be long with your approaches as you will be left with an almost impossible pitch and single putt.

TeeTotal YardageMen's RatingMen's SlopeWomen's RatingWomen's Slope
Black / Gold640371.112976.7137
Gold / Silver595668.712571.1131

Hole 1 View

Hole 1

The first hole is a straight away medium length par 5. The tee shot is slightly uphill. Favoring the left side of the fairway leaves 2 options for the second shot. You can lay up to 120 yards or be aggressive and have a much shorter pitch that can be semi-blind from a ravine to a well bunkered green with a severe false front.

CategoryYardsMen's HCPMen's SlopeWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold5105115-
Gold / Silver495535-
Hole 2 View

Hole 2

The second is a long slightly uphill par 3 that requires a long iron or hybrid for the tee shot. The green is protected by a deep bunker on the front left and one 20 yards short on the right.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold198253-
Gold / Silver1743133-
Hole 3 View

Hole 3

The third is our longest par 5 that is well defined by a series of fairway bunkers on the left and right. A drive into a shallow ravine leaves a blind 2nd shot. Properly played you will be left with a mid to short iron from a flat fairway to a well-bunkered green.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold5295135-
Gold / Silver529575-
Hole 4 View

Hole 4

The fourth is our longest par 4 that requires a long tee shot that favors the left side of the fairway to give the best angle for your long approach to a green that is bunkered front left and back right. This green has a subtle but definitive slope from right to left.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold409414-
Gold / Silver3474154-
Hole 5 View

Hole 5

The fifth is one of our best holes and it proves that a hole need not be long to be difficult. Favoring the right side of the fairway from the tee leaves the best approach to the green. This is where the fun begins as the green has 2 tiers and slopes severely from back to front. Don’t be long with your approach.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold385494-
Gold / Silver316454-
Hole 6 View

Hole 6

Number 6 is a medium length par 3. The green is well protected with deep bunkers from left and middle right. The green is long and slightly rolling so distance control with your tee shot is a must.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold1713153-
Gold / Silver1553113-
Hole 7 View

Hole 7

Number 7 is another extremely demanding par four that gives you the option off the tee to lay up to a flat upper area of the fairway, or to be aggressive and play to a lower ravine that will shorten the approach significantly, however it is narrow and well protected left and right with trees. The approach is uphill to a well bunkered green both front left and front right.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold390434-
Gold / Silver390414-
Hole 8 View

Hole 8

On number 8, the tee shot landing area is protected on the left by a large oak tree and on the short right by a small ravine and on the long right by a fairway bunker. Accuracy is necessary on this mid-length par 4 to provide a medium length approach to a well bunkered green.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold396474-
Gold / Silver3274174-
Hole 9 View

Hole 9

This is another of our fine shot par 4’s, the more aggressive the tee shot, the more trouble lurks with a fairway bunker on the left and trees on the right of a narrow landing area. Lay up short of the trouble and you are left with a mid to short iron to a small, sloping, well bunkered green. Don’t be long.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold3514174-
Gold / Silver329494-
Hole 10 View

Hole 10

Number 10 is another fine par 3 that plays across a pond to a large green protected on the right by a long deep bunker, and a lateral water hazard. The Green has a subtle slope from left or right.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold1843123-
Gold / Silver1723103-
Hole 11 View

Hole 11

The eleventh is a short uphill par 5. The Landing area is protected short left by a pond. There is an opening to reach the green  in 2 shots for the longer hitter, however the shot is blind and the smallish green is well protected front left and right by deep bunkers leaving a narrow run area, The prudent play is to lay up with the second shot, leaving a short iron to a severely sloping green.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold480565-
Gold / Silver470545-
Hole 12 View

Hole 12

The shortest par 3 on the course is probably the most challenging. The front left and right sides are protected by deep bunkers and the green slopes severely from back to front and from right to left. Miss the green and bogey or worse is assured.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold1643183-
Gold / Silver1503163-
Hole 13 View

Hole 13

The Thirteenth is another of our terrific short par 4’s, where players have the opportunity to play conservatively off the tee to a wide area that pitches down to a slight ravine, or challenge the fairway bunker on the right side in an effort to play from a flat area with a short pitch to the small well-bunkered green.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold3394164-
Gold / Silver3184144-
Hole 14 View

Hole 14

Our final par 5 is also our shortest, that provides options off the tee. The prime landing area is quite narrow and well protected by a fairway bunker on each side, so you can challenge them or lay up short of them. If you choose to go for the green with your second, you must avoid a hazard and bunker on the left, 2 bunkers and out of bounds on the right. The green is very small and slopes severely from back to front.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold4605105-
Gold / Silver4475185-
Hole 15 View

Hole 15

Number 15 is perhaps one of the most difficult par 3’s in the area. A ravine borders the entire right side of the hole as well as dense forest. The left and right sides of the green are protected by bunkers. The prudent play is to take one less club than necessary and attempt to run the ball onto the putting surface. Short is also good here.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold209343-
Gold / Silver190323-
Hole 16 View

Hole 16

The sixteenth is our signature hole. A long par 4 dogleg to the right requires a straight tee shot to a flat upper landing area.  This leaves a long second, uphill to a small fairly flat green. There are bunkers fronting each side of the green and the bunker on the right appears to be much closer to the green than it is.  Par is a great score here.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold423424-
Gold / Silver329484-
Hole 17 View

Hole 17

Standing on 17 tee, don’t be distracted by the fabulous view of downtown London. The hole requires an accurate, but not long tee shot to a narrowing landing area protected on the left by a fairway bunker, while long right will funnel into a ravine and fescue. The green is protected front left and right by bunkers.

CategoryYardsMen's HCPMen's SlopeWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold401484-
Gold / Silver3374124-
Hole 18 View

Hole 18

Our finishing hole is not long, but very demanding. A well struck tee shot will run out in a gully that is 130 yards from the green. A tee shot hit right may go out of bounds and one to the left will require an approach from thick rough. The green is protected on the front left and right by deep bunkers so the run up area is narrow. The green is fairly flat, however there are some subtleties.

CategoryYardsMen's ParMen's HCPWomen's ParWomen's HCP
Black / Gold4044144-
Gold / Silver381464-

Membership Benefits

Highland Country Club offers one of the best golfing and club experiences in Ontario. A variety of Men’s and Women’s Golf Tournaments are planned each season, resulting in separate Club Championships for Men, Women’s 18-Hole, Women’s 9-Hole, Senior Men, Senior Women and Junior Golfers.

Run by club members, these events are fun and often end with casual meals afterwards where you have the chance to socialize off the course.

Golf Highlights

  • One 18 hole golf course, with each hole offering six separate tee boxes for players of all skill levels
  • Full practice range
  • Separate practice areas for chipping & putting
  • CPGA Director of Golf, Rick Pero, & his Professional Golf Staff
  • Great selection of club competitions & weekly golf leagues
  • A fleet of modern electric golf carts & complimentary pull carts
  • Onsite storage available for both golf bags & personal power caddies
  • A fully stocked Professional Shop offering custom fitting of golf clubs and a great variety of golfing apparel & equipment
  • Winter golf program in the Professional Shop

Clubhouse Amenities

  • Newly renovated facility
  • Elegant dining for members and guests in the Dining Room
  • Casual member dinning in either the Member’s Lounge or the Member’s Pub
  • Banquet facilities for large member gatherings from 20 – 200
  • A locker area offering complimentary towels, shoe cleaning services and open lockers for your guests
  • Meeting and business services, with room use complimentary for members
  • Easy tee time reservations by Internet, or phone
  • Great seasonal events: Children’s Christmas Party, Club Cocktail, Mother’s Day Brunch, and so many more

Junior Golf

For many years the Highland Country Club Junior Golf Program has provided our Juniors with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game of golf from trained PGA of Canada Golf Professionals. Juniors are the future of the game.

We pride ourselves in the overall development of all our Juniors encouraging them to play and practice regularly, compete with one another, and participate in local, provincial, and national events.

Again this season, our program consists of a variety of instructional sessions, special events and golf tournaments designed for all our Junior Members to learn and compete in a safe and fun environment.

Thank you,
Rick Pero
Head Golf Professional